Assignment Bank

Sports Play Gif

For this assignment, I created a gif of my favorite sports play. I decided to take pictures of my brother shooting a layup. He may not be a professional player, but I am a fan of his passion for the sport. I continuously shot 12 photos and put them together to make a stop motion gif. This is the first time I have made a gif, and I’m happy with how it turned out!

Acrostic Name Poem






Here I did an Acrostic Poem. I described myself with adjectives that began with each letter of my first name.

Color Splash

I took this photo when I was in high school. I always enjoy reediting old photos to see how much my editing has improved throughout the years. It was nice to uniquely redo this photo. I edited it so everything is black and white besides her eyes. This assignment’s purpose was to emphasize details, and I wanted her eyes to stand out. It’s a small pop of color, but I think it is enough to draw attention towards the photo.

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