Creating from Ideas

I thought Everything is a Remix was very educating. The video started off by stating that everything is a remix, just like the title says. Kirby Ferguson says that the highest-grossing films are remakes or adaptations from books or comics. This made me think about what movies I have watched that weren’t adaptations. Even if a movie, book, or song is “original” it still follows along with a specific genre and subgenre. They have familiar components.

“Creation requires influence.”

― Kirby Ferguson

I agree with what he said here. Everything is influenced by something. There is a fine line between a copy and an original. Kirby Ferguson says that the basic elements of creativity are copying, transforming, and combining. He gives an example of Apple’s Mac. It was created by taking others’ ideas and transforming them into their own.

“New ideas evolve from old ones.”

― Kirby Ferguson

Now, people don’t want to share their ideas. This led to copyright and patents. These can be broad and cause problems . Everyone is okay with using others’ ideas until it’s their own that is being used. The safest way to go about using others’ work is to ask for permission and give credit, but even then, it might not be enough. The worst thing to do is to copy and hope not to get caught.

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