Week Three Summary

This week, I created four new blog posts and connected with people through twitter and discord. First, I watched Kurt Vonnegut’s video and wrote the Shapes of Avatar blog over it. I talked about my favorite show and connected it to his shapes of stories.

Next, I worked on Daily Creates. The first activity I completed was showing my shoes. I took a picture of my platform shoes that were modeled by my sister. I then shared bus that we could to tour with. The first bus I immediately thought of was the magic school bus. Touring would be an interesting adventure with that bus. The last activity I completed was sharing false information on the internet. I said that oranges are named after the color orange. However, the color is actually named after the fruit.

The last blog I created this week (besides my summary) was my second Assignment Bank blog. For this, I wrote eight stars worth of writing assignments. I’m not much of a writer, but it was fun to create different stories.

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