Reflecting Photography

I have been familiar with the majority of these tips for a while now. Every time I photograph I always consider my subjects location, surroundings, and angles. On Thursday, I had a little photoshoot where I used these photography tips. I enjoyed this assignment

Lines & Cropping

These two shots are very similar. There are subtle leading lines in the background that draw your eyes towards her. However, photo is vertical and one is horizontal. I feel like the majority of the portrait shots I take are vertical, but out of these two photos, I think I like the horizontal one more. I think the walls on each side of her adds more depth to the photo.


For simplicity, the subject should be the main focus. There shouldn’t be distractions in the photos. I used a plain wall for the photo on the left. For the photo on the right, I placed her closer to the camera and shot with a wide aperture to add a blur to the background. I think bokeh adds simplicity to the photo because it draws the attention to the main subject.

Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is when the subject takes up a third of the image and falls on one of the off-center guidelines. It’s easy to find myself centering my subject. I like photos that use the rule of thirds and it’s something I want to work more on.

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