The Art of Photography

As much as I love taking photos, I prefer to live in the moment at events that are special to me. A lot of friends and family ask me to bring a camera, but sometimes I want to be apart of the excitement rather than snapping photos in the background.

People are always trying to preserve memories and I think that’s great! However, I don’t think that phone cameras come close to an actual camera. Last spring, I was hired to take photos of high schoolers for prom. It was difficult for me to get good shots when the parents were crowding and taking photos on their phones. A few of them stepped in front of me and fully blocked the shots. In situations like these, I feel like people should leave the photographing to the professionals. That is why photographers are there. The clients will receive their photos in a day or two, so they should live in the moment and let photographers freeze the memories.

“The iPhone has a crap lens. You can take a beautiful picture on the iPhone and blow it up for a print and it looks terrible.”

I agree with what Olmos says here in the article “The death of photography: are camera phones destroying an artform?” Photos I’ve taken on my phone could have been so much better on my DSLR. All lenses have optical issues, but I think it’s really prominent with phone cameras. However, with how quickly technology has been advancing, I believe phone cameras will only grow more popular in professional settings.

“The idea is to slow them down, to make them make – not just take – photographs.”

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