Radio Show Progress

For the radio show, my group decided to go with a spooky theme. I contributed by creating all of the bumpers. This included 5, each one minute long. They transitioned between stories to commercials and vice versa. I wanted them to have a consistency, so I made them similar. The differences include the title of each story and ad. I used Adobe Audition to put together spooky sounds and my voice over. I whispered and added a telephone effect. This made it sound like an EVP recording of a ghost talking.

I had a pretty rough week and it was a bit of a challenge for me to complete my radio content. I also thought it was due the following day, so I was pushing it on the time. I felt bad for the wait when sending my files in that evening, but everyone in my group was very understanding. I am thankful for my group members and I think we created a great spooky show!

You can find and listen to the radio show under my weekly summary blog!

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