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Lauren Rundle | A Veteran Documentary

For the past few weeks, I have been working on a mini-documentary. The first week was mostly brainstorming, the second week was recording, and the third week was editing. I recorded the video of Lauren telling his story with my camera. I know the audio isn’t the greatest on my camera, so I used my phone to record the audio. Once I had all of the footage, I began editing the video in Adobe Premiere Pro.

The first thing I did was align the video with the audio file. I clapped before he started talking so it was easy to align the two files. He kind of went back and forth between stories, so the first thing I did was slice up the files and rearrange and shorten them. There are a few parts I think you can tell, but I think it runs smoothly.

Next, I added photos. I arranged them in places that I thought were appropriate and broke up clips of him speaking. I tried adding a background to the photos, but in the end, I used a blur effect of him talking in the background. I thought it looked the best. I changed the scaling on the photo in a way that it slowly moved in. This way it added a bit of movement to the photos.

Lastly, I added background music. It took me a while to find audio that fit the story. I exported the video with the normal settings I used and uploaded the video to Youtube. Overall, the video took much longer to edit and upload than I anticipated. However, I am happy with how it turned out!


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