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Lab 1 – Make a Website

Learning Objectives:

I learned how to create a website on WordPress and how I should format and publish lab reports for each week.

  • I began with creating a domain of my name
  • I altered my home page
  • I created my first post and learned what should be included in all of my lab reports.
  • I figured out how to publish my post and make it visible to others.

I learned new glossary terms.

I photographed my lab area in the classroom.

Equipment List:

  • Computer: Used to create and view my website
  • WordPress: The software needed to make it

Notes, Observations, and Questions:

I created a domain, home page, and lab post.

I questioned how to make a new page for lab, but I found out I can create categories to keep my labs more organized in my previous blog page.

Diagrams, Flowcharts, and Figures:

This is an area to include diagrams, but for this assignment, I don’t have any. (NA)




This wasn’t my first time creating a post on WordPress, so I think I was successful. I ended up using an old website I had for a previous class. I changed up the home page and added a new category for my labs. This will help me keep everything organized for this class. I also learned what I need to include in future lab reports and how my posts should be laid out.


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