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Lab 3 – Structured Cabling

Learning Objectives:

For this lab, I worked with a partner to create our own patch cable. I learned what crimping is and how to create a straight-through cable. It is used to connect a computer’s ethernet interface to a switch.

Equipment List:

  • Wire Cutter
  • Wire Stripper
  • Cable Tester
  • UTP Cable
  • RJ-45 Connector

Notes, Observations, and Questions:

  • I used the wire cutter to cut the UTP Cable on both ends
  • Then, I used the wire stripper on the ends before untwisting the wires.
  • I put the wires in the correct order to match the coloring
  • Once they were the right length I crimped the connector to the wires.
  • Then, we tested it with the cable tester

Diagrams, Flowcharts, and Figures:


I referenced the packet on what to do.


This was my first time doing this, so it was interesting to learn. It was a little bit out of my comfort which was noticeable to my partner, but he was very helpful. It took us a couple tries to get it to work. We couldn’t figure out what was wrong because all the wires were in the correct place and crimped down. We were able to figure it out and retest it with the cable tester and it worked!


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