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Lab 4 – Library Research

Learning Objectives:

For this lab, we learned how to find sources in databases and in the Library.

We had to:

  • Pick a topic for our research video
  • find sources to create a bibliography
  • Read the sources and summarize it for the bibliography
  • Look up a book on the KSU website relating to our research topic
  • Go to the library and check out the book

Equipment List:

  • A computer to do research on
  • Databases that are found on the KSU website
  • Library to find book
  • A book to cite

Notes, Observations, and Questions:

I didn’t know I could look up what books were in the Library through the KSU website.

Diagrams, Flowcharts, and Figures:

A photo of me holding the book


I found the databases on

My references for the assignment can be found in my bibliography.


I found a lot of useful sources for my video project. I may continue to look for more recent sources so they are more up-to-date with the time of technology. I picked my book out before I knew when it was published. It was published in 2000. Even though that was 22 years ago, I think there is still relevant information in it.


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