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Auxier, B., Rainie, L., Anderson, M., Perrin, A., Kumar, M., & Turner, E. (2020, August 17). Americans and privacy: Concerned, confused and feeling lack of control over their personal information. Pew Research Center: Internet, Science & Tech. Retrieved February 2022, from confused-and-feeling-lack-of-control-over-their-personal-information/. 

The majority of adults in America believe that they cannot go a day without having data taken from them. They also believe that their data is being used for more harm than good and they do not have much control over it. Many believe that their data is less secure now compared to 5 years ago. Companies share privacy policies with consumers, however, 36% of adults never read them. 63% say they know nothing about the laws that are in place to protect their privacy. 

Castle, A. (2014). Cover your digital footprints and reclaim your privacy. PCWorld, 32(6), 33–37. 

This article shares a few ways to keep your privacy and secure your personal information. It begins with saying we should minimize our data put on the internet by using private browsers. There are also networks that people can use to search the web anonymously. Next, be discreet with your data by using unique passwords and encrypt your files. Even when you delete files, they can still be recovered. The last tip for internet privacy and security is to use software. 

Cook, T. (2019). It’s Time for Action on Privacy We All Deserve Control Over Our Digital Lives. TIME Magazine, 193(3), 29.

In this article, Cook is recommending ways to help take control over our privacy and what data is given.

Digital Around the World. DataReportal. (2021). Retrieved February 2022, from

This website provides a bunch of data on the use of digital media and the internet.

Schneier, B. (2000). Secrets and Lies: Digital Security in a Networked World.

This book talks about how people and businesses can obtain security in the digital world.

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