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Lab – Video Making

Learning Objectives:

In this lab, we learned how to work with video editing software. We downloaded a clip of Hitchcock and two other clips of our choice. Then, using the editing software, we changed the meaning behind his smile with a simple video clip.

Equipment List:

A computer or some device to download video clips and complete the lab.

Youtube to find video clips and upload the final video assignment.

A photo editing software to put clips together. I used Adobe Premiere.

Notes, Observation, and Questions:

To get the video clips on my Macbook, I used quickplay. I noticed that when I added it to Premiere the clips were glitchy. I’ve had problems with this in the past, but today I found out that I can replace the clips with new rendered clips. Now it isn’t glitchy.


This is the video that I created


I got my clips from this link


This lab will help me in the future when I am creating my video research project. I knew most things already because I was in a video production/cat scratch class throughout high school. I have also taken a few media production classes in my previous semesters in college. However, something I did learn while completing this assignment is how to fix the render on my screen recorded clips. With my two edited videos, you can see how easily the meaning of a video can change with quick editing and a switch of a video clip. I changed the middle clip into a video of a cat. He was smiling at a cat.


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