Lab 11 – Troubleshooting TCP/IP

Learning Objectives: Configure RIP Routing Protocol Build a TCP/IP network with two routers and the three networks Configure the interfaces Configure the routing protocol Save the running configuration with the copy run start Troubleshooting RIP Equipment List: Computer, router, switches Notes, Observations, and Questions: N/A Diagrams, Flowcharts, and Figures: References: N/A Conclusion: I thought thisContinue reading “Lab 11 – Troubleshooting TCP/IP”

Lab 10 – Packet Sniffing with Wireshark

Learning Objectives: For this lab, we looked at different parts of a network using packet sniffing protocolanalyzer. Equipment List: computer wireshark webpage FTP server Notes, Observations, and Questions: I was able to view what all was happening in a network by recording. Diagrams, Flowcharts, and Figures: Conclusion: I thought it was interesting to go throughContinue reading “Lab 10 – Packet Sniffing with Wireshark”

Lab 9 – Internet Servers

Learning Objectives: Build an internet server, create a website, and look at other people’s websites. The steps I took were to: Disable firewall Download apache test webserver using HTTP://localhost create homepage Activate FTP server Add FTP user account View classmates websites Equipment List: Computer Apache WinSCP Notes, Observations, and Questions: I viewed my other classmatesContinue reading “Lab 9 – Internet Servers”

Lab 7 – TCP/IP Networking

Learning Objectives: For this lab, we made an IP network. Equipment List: Computers Notes, Observation, and Questions: I observed what happened when everything was connected Photos: Conclusion: This was all new to me, and I found it interesting to learn. We worked together to figure out the submask, subnetting, and new IP addresses for everyoneContinue reading “Lab 7 – TCP/IP Networking”

Lab 6 – Network Simulation

Learning Objectives: Learn how networks work Equipment List: Paper with lists of different elements of a network. Notes, Observations, and Questions: I observed how information transfers from one computer to another. Diagrams, Flowcharts, and Figures: Conclusion: This is all new to me, so it was interesting to see it step by step. Everyone was givenContinue reading “Lab 6 – Network Simulation”

Lab – Video Making

Learning Objectives: In this lab, we learned how to work with video editing software. We downloaded a clip of Hitchcock and two other clips of our choice. Then, using the editing software, we changed the meaning behind his smile with a simple video clip. Equipment List: A computer or some device to download video clipsContinue reading “Lab – Video Making”


Auxier, B., Rainie, L., Anderson, M., Perrin, A., Kumar, M., & Turner, E. (2020, August 17). Americans and privacy: Concerned, confused and feeling lack of control over their personal information. Pew Research Center: Internet, Science & Tech. Retrieved February 2022, from confused-and-feeling-lack-of-control-over-their-personal-information/.  The majority of adults in America believe that they cannot go aContinue reading “Bibliography”

Lab 4 – Library Research

Learning Objectives: For this lab, we learned how to find sources in databases and in the Library. We had to: Pick a topic for our research video find sources to create a bibliography Read the sources and summarize it for the bibliography Look up a book on the KSU website relating to our research topicContinue reading “Lab 4 – Library Research”

Lab 3 – Structured Cabling

Learning Objectives: For this lab, I worked with a partner to create our own patch cable. I learned what crimping is and how to create a straight-through cable. It is used to connect a computer’s ethernet interface to a switch. Equipment List: Wire Cutter Wire Stripper Cable Tester UTP Cable RJ-45 Connector Notes, Observations, andContinue reading “Lab 3 – Structured Cabling”

Lab 2 – Basic Computer Hardware

Project 1 Learning Objectives: I examined the internal components of a computer and located different parts. The parts I examined include: CPU RAM memory Motherboard Video Processing Card Hard Disk Drive Network Interface Power Supply I/O Ports While examining different computer hardware, we removed and reinserted the RAM memory, the hard disk drive, and theContinue reading “Lab 2 – Basic Computer Hardware”

Lab 1 – Make a Website

Learning Objectives: I learned how to create a website on WordPress and how I should format and publish lab reports for each week. I began with creating a domain of my name I altered my home page I created my first post and learned what should be included in all of my lab reports. IContinue reading “Lab 1 – Make a Website”

Final: Impressing you

My goal is to impress you with this final assignment. When I first started working on this assignment it started off as a progression video. However, my laptop’s logic board broke and I lost everything on my computer, including my final and everything we’ve done throughout the semester. So, back to the drawing board IContinue reading “Final: Impressing you”

Daily Creates 12

#tdc3587 #ds106. Into the Sun Originally tweeted by Katie Donovan (@Katie___Donovan). #tdc3595 #ds106. Geometric Patterns Originally tweeted by Katie Donovan (@Katie___Donovan).

Week 10 Summary

This week I wrote a blog over movie editing, created two videos, completed daily creates on Twitter, and started working on the mini-documentary. I have mostly done brainstorming, but I have found someone to do the documentary over. I have made videos in the past, but this is my first time creating a documentary overContinue reading “Week 10 Summary”

Assignment Bank week 10

Do the Hitch I created short videos with three shots from Avengers: Infinity War. I replaced the middle shot to give each video a different meaning. I always thought Peter’s reaction was funny, so I decided to replace the original clip with another scene. In this scene, Thor was talked about in the totally oppositeContinue reading “Assignment Bank week 10”

Movie Editing

For this assignment, I watched one minute of Spider-Man. Within this one minute, I counted 36 camera changes and edits. I figured it would be a high number of editing considering it is an action superhero movie. The faster the scene is, the more camera shots there seem to be. I compared this scene withContinue reading “Movie Editing”

Week 8 Summary

This week I worked on my part of the Radio Show. It took us a bit to get organized and figure out who was doing what, but I think we communicated well. The final outcome of our radio show is great! Every member in my group did an amazing job. Along with working on theContinue reading “Week 8 Summary”

Radio Show Progress

For the radio show, my group decided to go with a spooky theme. I contributed by creating all of the bumpers. This included 5, each one minute long. They transitioned between stories to commercials and vice versa. I wanted them to have a consistency, so I made them similar. The differences include the title ofContinue reading “Radio Show Progress”

Daily Creates 8

Even though it’s pointless I would still be tempted to push it.

Week 7 Summary

This week, I started working with my group on our Radio Show project. We have made a decent amount of progress this week on it. You can read about my team and I’s progress on my blog post, Radio Show Progress. I also interacted with other people on twitter. You can see my replies andContinue reading “Week 7 Summary”

Radio Audio Bank Assignments

Modifying An Original Song Without Outside Sounds The Modifying An Original Song Without Outside Sounds assignment was to take a song and change it with an editing software so it has a unique feel. My original plan was to slow it down and lower the pitch. Instead, I ended up creating an 8D audio. ThisContinue reading “Radio Audio Bank Assignments”

Radio Show Poster

I created a poster a poster for the Radio Show. The name of our show is Vault 106 and theme is spooky stories. I used adobe illustrator to make the poster. I began with adding the vault in and then adding the spider and webs over the top. After that, I added a grey background.Continue reading “Radio Show Poster”

Radio Show Progress

I am in a group with 5 other people. I believe that everyone in our Digital Literacy class joined together for one big group. We got a little later start compared to other DS106 students, but I think we have made great progress these past few days. We’ve done a lot of brainstorming and figuredContinue reading “Radio Show Progress”

Week 6 Summary

This week I learned about design. I first wrote a blog about what I learned about design. Next, I created DesignBlitz. I went around town and looking at what design elements have gone into creating signs and ads. After that, Daily Creates and Assignment Bank. I started the design assignments with A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing.Continue reading “Week 6 Summary”

The “Vogue Challenge”

For The “Vogue Challenge,” I edited a photo I took and added the word “Vogue” to the top of it. It’s suppose to look like the cover of a Vogue magazine. To do this, I took my photo into photoshop and created a text layer with the word Vogue in Times New Roman font. OnceContinue reading “The “Vogue Challenge””

A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

For this assignment, I had to combine the logo of rivals. I decided to do Popeyes Chicken and Chick-fil-a. I began by getting a picture of both of their logos. Then, the photos were imported into Adobe Illustrator. I removed the P from Popeye’s logo and replaced it with the C of Chick-fil-a’s.


Line The Railroad Crossing sign uses lines to share a messages. The two parts of the sign cross each other and the message being shared is that a railroad is crossing a path. Color Gambino’s Pizza sign uses the colors green, white, and red. These are the colors that are on Italy’s flag. So, thisContinue reading “DesignBlitz”


I’ve taken design courses in the past, so I am fairly familiar with it. The elements of design are: line color shape size space texture form contrast value typography symbols & metaphors balance rhythm unity & harmony Graphic design is purposeful planning that uses any combination of forms, pictures, words, and meanings to achieve one’s goal.Continue reading “Design”

Week 5 Summary

For this week’s assignments I worked with audios along side my daily creates on twitter. I haven’t experimented a whole lot with audio, so I found these assignments fun and new. I first began with listening to a story and writing the blog Audio Story. I wrote about how the background sound effects and musicContinue reading “Week 5 Summary”

Music Mashup

For this assignment I had to put two songs together into a conversation. I decided to do the songs Driver’s License by Olivia Rodrigo and Green Lights by Kyd the Band. To create this mashup I began by downloading the two songs and an instrumental version of Driver’s License. I then used Adobe Audition toContinue reading “Music Mashup”

Audio Story

I don’t listen to podcasts and audiobooks very often. I always forget how entertaining they can be. For this assignment, I listened to From Tree to Shining Tree. I think that the background sound effects, noises, and music adds a lot to the story. The music helps set the mood. Sound effects creates the tone.Continue reading “Audio Story”

Week 4 Summary

I enjoyed this weeks assignments considering it was all about photography. I first read articles about photography tips and took pictures. My photos and thoughts on the tips can be find on my Reflecting Photography blog. I also worked with visual art on my Visual Assignment Bank blog. I then wrote The Art of PhotographyContinue reading “Week 4 Summary”

Visual Assignment Bank

Colorize it For the Colorize It assignment, I had to adjust multiple colors in an image. I edited the photo using Adobe Lightroom. The settings I changed the colors to are in the photos above. Bob Ross says, “Isn’t it fantastic that you can change your mind and create all these happy things?” I originally wasContinue reading “Visual Assignment Bank”

Photo Manipulation

I love photo editing softwares and I edit all of my photos. I think it’s okay to use photoshop to enhance people’s features, but not change who they are and how they look. There is a difference between photoshopping artistically and photoshopping for likes. A lot of people in todays world use photoshop to manipulateContinue reading “Photo Manipulation”

Reflecting Photography

I have been familiar with the majority of these tips for a while now. Every time I photograph I always consider my subjects location, surroundings, and angles. On Thursday, I had a little photoshoot where I used these photography tips. I enjoyed this assignment Lines & Cropping These two shots are very similar. There areContinue reading “Reflecting Photography”

The Art of Photography

As much as I love taking photos, I prefer to live in the moment at events that are special to me. A lot of friends and family ask me to bring a camera, but sometimes I want to be apart of the excitement rather than snapping photos in the background. People are always trying toContinue reading “The Art of Photography”

Week Three Summary

This week, I created four new blog posts and connected with people through twitter and discord. First, I watched Kurt Vonnegut’s video and wrote the Shapes of Avatar blog over it. I talked about my favorite show and connected it to his shapes of stories. Next, I worked on Daily Creates. The first activity IContinue reading “Week Three Summary”

Assignment Bank Part 2

Dream It…Write It! I had a nightmare where I couldn’t get away from this scary girl with long black hair. The dream began at Walmart. I ran to my car but she still followed. I quickly drove home. When I went inside, she was standing outside my door. I hid in my room and closedContinue reading “Assignment Bank Part 2”

Daily Creates Part 2

Show your shoes, September 8, 2021 Ds106 Tour Bus, September 9, 2021 Say something wrong on the internet, September 13, 2021 The color is actually named after the fruit.

Shapes of Avatar

In the video Kurt Vonnegut on the Shapes of Stories, Vonnegut talks about the different structures have. I decided to connect these shapes with my favorite show Avatar: The Last Airbender. Avatar: The Last Airbender is a story about a world made up of four nations. Each nation consists of different elements: water, earth, fire,Continue reading “Shapes of Avatar”

Week Two Summary

To be honest, I underestimated how long it would take me to do all of these assignments. I’m not much of a writer, and it was hard for me to find the motivation to complete this week’s blogs as well as a bunch of writing assignments for other classes. I am currently writing this atContinue reading “Week Two Summary”

Daily Create Activities

This Song Does Not Exist (Until it Does) Recently, I have seen a lot of AI creations on social media. People have been asking AI’s to create paintings and write stories. However, this was the first time I have seen an AI song write. I think this website was intriguing. I could regenerate and haveContinue reading “Daily Create Activities”


After reading the article Photographer Files $1 Billion Suit Against Getty for Licensing Her Public Domain Image, I learned about the struggles photographers might face relating to their creative property. Once an image is taken, the photographer instantly has copyright ownership of it. The photographer Carol Highsmith shares her work with the public domain. ThisContinue reading “Copyright”

Assignment Bank

Sports Play Gif For this assignment, I created a gif of my favorite sports play. I decided to take pictures of my brother shooting a layup. He may not be a professional player, but I am a fan of his passion for the sport. I continuously shot 12 photos and put them together to makeContinue reading “Assignment Bank”

Creating from Ideas

I thought Everything is a Remix was very educating. The video started off by stating that everything is a remix, just like the title says. Kirby Ferguson says that the highest-grossing films are remakes or adaptations from books or comics. This made me think about what movies I have watched that weren’t adaptations. Even ifContinue reading “Creating from Ideas”

Share Your Work Process

The article “10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered” by Austin Kleon was inspirational. It made me think about how I have been going about my work and the ways I should share it with the world. It occurred to me that this article itself was one of his ways to get discovered.Continue reading “Share Your Work Process”

Week One Summary

The first week of class has been interesting. I have never made a blog before, but I enjoyed working on these assignments. I was frustrated at first with creating my website. WordPress made it difficult for me to move elements in my page to where I would like them. I also found that I couldn’tContinue reading “Week One Summary”

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